High temperature applications

Carbon as a key material

Carbons strenghts are mostly used in high temperature applications. The high temperature resistance,

resistivity agains thermal shocks, hardness and machinability made carbon to one of the most interesting key materials in industrial applications.

It is possible to producte carbon with a very high purity. In comparison to other materials the tensile and compressive strengths increase with increasing temperatues (up to 2.700°C)!

At 2.700°C carbon gas nearly double hardness as with 20°C room temperature.

Carbon is used in the following applications:

  • Heat treatment and furnace industrie
  • Sintering processes
  • Applications in aeronautics
  • Non ferrous industries
  • Chemical applications
  • Glasindustrie
  • Mechanical applications
  • Semiconductor and Solar applications
  • Cont. casting

We have a wide range of the following carbon materials:

Special carbon

  • isostatic pressed blocks and rods
  • molded blocks and rods
  • extruded blocks and rods


  • Rigid board and soft felt
  • Plates in big dimentions (2000x1000mm)

    • in different thicknesses, e.g. 40mm
    • one side with graphite foil
    • both sides with graphite foil
    • one side with CFC

  • Isolationscylinders

CFC (carbon composite c/c)

  • Plates (max. 2000x1000mm)
  • Cut-to-size
  • Customer machined parts (according to drawing/datafile)
  • Profiles (U and L)
  • Threads (M4-M25)

Graphite foil

  • in different dimensions and types
  • Big roll, cut-to-size
  • Customer demands (stamp or water cutting)