Cont. Casting

The continuous casting of nonferrous metals, noble metal and iron is a very common application. Due to the  its good thermal conductivity our isostatic pressed graphite grades enables a fast and targeted solidification of the metal alloy.

For vertical casting, high volume dies and low output our extruded graphite grades are used. 

Extruded or moldes graphite grades are also used for ladle and melting crucibles.

Isostatic graphite grades are used if a high stability and density is required, for example as material for a die. 

Enclose please find only a short extract of our available graphite grades. Please note, that we also have many more grades on stock:

Feature Unit CP-2100 CP-2200 CP-2300 CP-2400 CP-2500 CP-2600
Density g/cm³ 1,80 1,80 1,85 1,85 1,80 1,83
Hardness shore 57 60 64 78 74 66
El. resistivity µΩcm 12,5 12,5 11,0 17,0 22,0 15,0
Flexual strength MPa 44 54 59 64 66 54
CTE Kx10-6/°C 4,6 4,8 4,8 5,4 4,3 5,0
Thermal conductivity W/mK 116 128 140 80 40 105
Max. bloc dimension mm 1020 x 510 x 270 1020 x 630 x 350 1150 x 400 x 160 1020 x 630 x 350 1020 x 400 x 160 1020 x 630 x 350

Graphite dies

Round dies

One- or two-parts (also wire EDM possible)

Flat die-cast

for strip-casting, one or two parts (wire EDM possible)

We machine dies according to customer drawings or 3D-data.
Also single pieces or small batches possible. Send us your inquiry.



with conical head, straight head, according to customer data



Graphit und Bornitrid

Release agent

based on water or alcohol, boron nitride (link: dispersions)