Since more than 30 years be sell and machine graphite

a high-tech product!

Our long time experience encouraged us  to start our own company in 2004.

The requirements to graphite increase continously. The production process of isostatic pressed graphite illustrates that graphite is a high tech material.

The production time of one lot of graphite takes cca. 5 month. A stabil production process for ages and for many lots points out the art of graphite production.

Secure the sources of raw material and keeping the strict process during production has to be kept constant to protect against the wide range of influencing factors.

This know-how only a small number of graphite producers have, worldwide.

Thanks to our long time experience we could advise to choose the correct graphite grade for your application. We only work with graphite grades of producers with a good reputation.

We cooperate with highly specialized workshops. The wide range, from small parts with slight tolerances up to high volumina parts enables us to react very flexible to customer demands.

The combination of high end material and flexible maching is the fundament of our success.

We advise you at your premises. For EDM applications we have a network of agents within Europe.
For high-temperature applications we personally are your contact partner.


Fast delivery for cut-to-size. For orders until 11:00 am shipment will be the same day.

You plan to use graphite instead of copper?

We support you. At your premises with your machines. Contact us.

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High temperature

Graphit spielt insbesondere bei Anwendungen mit hohen Prozesstemperaturen seine Stärken aus. Seine hohe Temperatur- und Thermoschockbeständigkeit, Festigkeit und Bearbeitbarkeit haben Graphit inzwischen zu einem Schlüsselwerkstoff der Industrie gemacht. Gegenüber den meisten anderen Werkstoffen erhöht sich die Zug- Druck- und Biegebruchfestigkeit von Graphit mit steigender Temperatur bis 2.700°C. Bei höheren Temperaturen nimmt sie wieder ab. Bei 2.700°C hat Graphit etwa die doppelte Festigkeit gegenüber Raumtemperatur.

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Graphitdispersionen auf Wasser-, Alkohol- und Mineralölbasis für viele Anwendungsbereiche.

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